Free Redemption samples

Free baby sample redemptions

2016 was a blessing year where many of my friends were pregnant.

Your local pediatrician and KK hospital are great resources for getting free baby samples. Requesting free baby samples is a convenient way to try new baby products and will be sent straight to your mailbox within 6-8 weeks.
Here’s a list of the current free baby samples and freebies that you can request.

Do share with me if you have others so that I can add them into this list ☺




You have to register via NTUC. Families with Singapore citizen babies born between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2019 are eligible to receive the NTUC Good Start Bundle goodies
National Library  Singaporean babies born from 2016 onwards are gifted with a special pack so parents can kickstart a reading journey
Similac  Similar Formula 2
S263  S-26® Promil GOLD®, for babies after 6 months.S-26® Progress GOLD® and S-26® Promise GOLD®, the growing-up milk for children aged 1-3 years old and 3 years

S-26® PE GOLD® is specially for picky eaters aged 1-12 years.

ENERCAL® PLUS for Adults

S-26® MAMA, for pregnant for breastfeeding mothers.

Karihome Karihome Goat Milk range
Enfagrow Enfapro, Enfagrow, Enfakid, Enfaschool or Enfamama milk powder
Call Dumex Caroline @ 1800 265 3188 Dumex Dumex® Dugro
Dupro® Dugro® 360° Nutrition
Aptamil Aptamil® Gold+ Stage 2 or Aptamil® Gold+ HA Stage 2
Follow-On Formula
for 6-12 month oldAptamil® Gold+ Stage 3
Toddler for 1-3yrs oldAptamil® Gold+ Stage 4
Junior from 3yrs old above
6836 7200 or e-mail them at NAN® Pro 2

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